Your 24/7 Emergency Team


If you find yourself experiencing an electrical emergency, be sure to call Neighbors Electrical Services of Katy & Houston, TX and the surrounding areas. Electrical emergencies are extremely dangerous and need to be handled by professionals.

If you're experiencing a power outage, be sure to call Neighbors Electrical Service to turn the lights back on!

Common Electrical Emergencies You'll Need Neighbors Electric For:

• Faulty Appliances
• Damaged Cords or Extension Leads
• Appliances Coming Into Contact With Water
• Faulty Wiring
• Tripped Wiring
• Faulty Connections On Appliance Leads
• Faulty Immersion Leaders

If you're experiencing an electrical emergency:
• Don't touch the wiring unless you are SURE it is safe
• Alert those around you that the area could be dangerous
• Call a professional to come check out the situation

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Remember, You're as good as gold with Neighbors Electrical Service.